Week 13: The Final Weeks

Craig Holbrook – Seascapes 2015

This is our final week of classes – I have to say thank you to you all for being you – its been fun and a privilege getting to know and to learn from you as people and as producers, makers and thinkers. I wish I had more time making together – but universities and modern life generally seem to inhibit that possibility.

Many of you are clearly people I’ll continue to see producing awesome work – and I’ll look forward to it…I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a collection of quite naturally gifted producers and had the pleasure of seeing some stunning work.

You should take great confidence from the work you’ve produced and know that is far exceeds the work I’ve seen in many other undergrad courses to the north of here – in fact I’ve seen the best undergrad works of my teaching career in the mid year exhibit (and more than one)- a number well and truly honours level work.

Well done.

I’m quite happy to supply references when you need them although give me a bit of warning…next year I’m more likely to be found at mat@eidoscape.com…make sure you yell out when you have a show, launch or screening…

OH… big news – the Sarah Miller (our HOS) has invited the Director of dlux media arts (Tara Morelos) to be our guest speaker and she has accepted. This is a big deal… stakes are high…we must make sure the edges are tucked away and the work is polished.

This week…

Please use this time to install or start planning the install of your work- make sure you are clear about the space and your requirements. We expect a little more polish this session – lets think about the detail well ahead of installation…plinth’s a last resort and cleaned/painted and well presented …. mounting organised well in advance…lets avoid photos stuck directly to walls.

-Begin in you peer groups. Update them on your progress this week.

-Develop a plan for getting your work to bump-in stage on the 16th of November. Break it down and works out when you will have time to work on things and how

-Create a list of required elements and proofs – date for completion – test installs etc.

– Book a consult with Mat on a Tuesday or Thursday for the next two weeks. Come in with work to install…If you can show me work in progress we won’t have to sit down and make conversation.

Remember the issue last session for some of you was the work simply needed another couple of iterations.  Plan for the likelihood of those iterations – make sure you have people around that your can test and get opinions from.

Marking process diaries is still in process I will return some today and email the rest as I complete them this week.

I will be getting round to everyone for consultations – do not leave until you have spoken to me.

I have a list of people I absolutely must see first because i’ve missed you/neglected you/or just want to know your on-track;

So first up is

Mel, (well if she was here)

The rest…

Grad Show Requirements:

Cass and Sarah??

Events and Catering : Need to see me about quotes and forms required by school and about grog and food. (I’ll see you first).
Tech : I need you guys to have rostered people for the three weeks to come in and check works/and I’ll need you to schedule time to help people bump in (in addition to working on your work) – roster yourselves so somebody will be here on Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th and to help clean up and finalise things on Wednesday.
Publicity and Design : We need a plan to market the IC grad show to students at main campus, to get a list of invites together and ensure there is a delegate to look after I guest form TAFE and our Guest Speaker….
Curation – You need to order foam core today. See Glen and ask him for the same order as last time.

My Availability: I am all yours after this week with completion of first year… I will work from here on the Tuesday and Thursday during school hour and of course am available on Monday by appointment if required.

Good Luck Everybody and have wonderful futures – I’ll be watching out for you.




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