Week 2: Early Cinema/ Constructing Spaces

Film still from George Melies' Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902)

Film still from George Melies’ Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902)


This lecture explores the camera and cinematic techniques in the early cinema of the Lumiere brothers, George Melies, Edwin Porter, and D. W. Griffin. It compares the construction of spaces in film by first examining the late 19th century photographic works of Eugene Atget. We trace the development of the cinematic language in delineating space on screen from the stationary shots of the Lumiere brothers. We explore the construction of narrative space in film works by Yasujiro Ozu.

Week 2 Lecture links: http://www.aaronlburton.com/uowmeda101w2.html


This workshop:

  • Provides an understanding of spatial construction on an image medium
  • Guides your project development
  • Develop your skills to shoot using manual settings on a DSLR

Image Analysis
Examine examples of framed images presented by your tutor to gain an understanding of the role of composition, depth of field/ focus, lighting and colour.

Project development
From on your own version of the poem, develop a shot list (what is a shot list?)
Following your shot list and begin recording your footage

Exercise: Shooting on manual settings
Continue shooting with DSLR cameras using all manual settings

Continue to work on assessment 1
Research into other ‘Where I’m from’ video works
Post any research, working notes, and experiments to your blog

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