Week 5: Sound Art

Susan Hiller's Witness (2000)

Susan Hiller’s Witness (2000)


In this second lecture focusing on the audio medium, we explore sound art as a discrete field of practice by identifying the common characteristics and motivation behind this label. We begin with an overview of sound art beginning from the early 20th century experiments of the Italian Futurist. The lecture takes the trajectory that examines sound art through the technologies that has enabled this practice. The rationale for doing this is to show how art and technology respond to each other in a mutually transformative relationship. The lecture’s exposition aims to relate sound art to media art in its exploration and extension of experience.

Lecture links: http://aaronlburton.com/uowmeda101w5.html


This workshop:

  • is devoted to the presentation and critique of assessment 1 projects
  • provides further guidelines for assessment 2 project development

Assessment 1 project presentation and critique
Students to present their project to class
Each student nominate 1 respondent in the class to respond to their work/ presentation.

Speak for 1 – 2 minute against the assessment criteria:
Depth and breadth of research into video poems
What kind of the research and investigation have you undertaken for this project?
What kind of works/ other have you looked at? How have these influenced your approach?

Conceptual exploration of the topic and theme
What is your approach to responding to Lyon’s poem?
How have you respond to the ideas and concepts in the poem?

Effective use of the video medium in conveying meaning
How did you explore these ideas through the different parameters of the moving image (particularly the Remoscope format)?
What methods, techniques, or materials did you experiment with?
How have you made use of these results?

Execution and presentation of ideas through the video form
What decisions did you make in terms of how you present these images in composition, sequencing, and editing?
What works well and what would you change?

Nominate a respondent in class who will speak for 1 minute on:
How successful is the piece in portraying space as intended?
What is the most successful aspect of the work?
How can it be improved?

Reflect on your feedback you received for your project.
Begin research and development on assessment 2

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