Welcome to MEDADADA 2018

A very warm welcome to all new students starting their degree courses at UOW, students continuing with the MEDA stream, as well as students joining our electives for the first time.

In Autumn session, BCM 115: Introduction to Screen Media (on separate site), MEDA201: Space, Time, Data, and MEDA301: Media Arts Workshop, are on offer at the Digital Media Centre, Innovation Campus.

During this session from 16 March to 11 June, the 21st Biennale of Sydney will be holding a broad range of exhibitions of works across Sydney. Students are encouraged to visit thisinternational event and experience contemporary art, media and worksfirst hand.

Subject outlines and assessment details are available from Moodle.  Links to lectures, workshop notes, reference materials, and student works for MEDA201 and MEDA301 will be housed here on MEDAdada.net – accessible via the menu on the right.

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