Workshop Week 3

Writing project statements; project progress, discussion, and review.


Remember: Assignment is due next week (Week 4)

Make sure that:

  1. You have a blog up and running (if in doubt use
  2. You know how to submit a sound to Sound Cloud,
  3. Your file is public and downloadable from sound cloud.
  4. You write a project statement on your blog post AND your soundcloud file is embedded in your blog post. HINT: if you are using wordpress, you only need to copy and paste your soundcloud URL into your blog post, and WordPress will automagically turn that URL into an embedded soundcloud player.
  5. You submit your blog post link as a comment to the correct blog post.


Assessment Criteria

  • Depth and breadth of research and investigation
    • provide evidence in project statement / referenced works
  • Conceptual exploration of topic
    • ability to come up with abstract ideas
    • ability to create a temporal structure that resonates with the concept
  • Effective use of the audio medium
    • using the opportunities of sound (layering, dynamics, audio editing techniques, etc.)
  • Project execution
    • How well finished is it? Does it sound fantastic?

Part 1

Writing project statements

Try to ‘frame’ your work without translating (‘reducing’) its content to words.

  • What are your aims?
  • What concepts/ideas are you trying to develop/ convey in your project?
  • What do you hope to achieve with the piece?
  • How have you gone about achieving this?
  • With what kinds of thoughts and feelings do you expect your audience to respond?

Please avoid creating a written summary of the sounds used. Avoid reducing your work to a simple message. Rather, think about the realm of meaning that it points to.

Part 2

Critique/ listening to students’ audio edits

  • Vocabulary of critique (listen to 2 − 3 edits), (practise) discuss these qualities:
    • PITCH High Low
    • DYNAMICS Loud Soft
    • DURATION Long Short
    • TEMPO Fast Slow
    • TEXTURE Thick Thin
    • Static Moving
    • Regular Irregular
    • Gradual Sudden Change
    • How are UNITY and CONTRAST achieved?
  • Discuss
    • quality of recording
    • the concepts explored/ conveyed
    • the relationship between concept and quality of recording
  • In small groups of 3 – 4
    • Listen to each other works
    • Listeners write down what kind of concepts the audio edit suggest
    • Makers concepts, methods, perceived problems
    • Discuss/ exchange receptions and thoughts about the edits
    • Collect any technical problems to present to class

Part 3

Technical issues

  • Known issues in Audacity, trouble-shooting
  • Introducing Sound Cloud
    • Test run
  • Submission instructions:
    • upload to Sound Cloud
    • create new post on subject’s site
    • provide links in post (plus project statement)
    • Test that the file and the link work!!!